Our team of investigators is meticulous in any analysis of the enquiry we undertake and our interviewing skills have been honed over many years to elicit any crucial information often from sources that are reluctant to divulge.

Hence, we offer you a complete and comprehensive written report after completion of assignment. We will deliver authentic, accurate and current information. Tell us about your main concerns and we will focus on the information that you need to know about most.

Our report contains the following facts and information, when you ask for:

Background Verification Corporate Investigation Financial Investigation  
  • Aliases / maiden names
  • Parents Name
  • Current address & Phone   
  • Previous address and linked address
  • Birth date / Approximate age
  • Relatives information
  • Associates & Friends
  • Character, Behaviour & Addiction
  • Social Reputation
  • Educational qualification
  • Property ownership
  • Personal Assets
  • Financial status
  • Employment and Career history
  • Business’s live and failed
  • Professional capabilities
  • Affairs, Marriages & Divorces
  • Press, Media and Internet history
  • Bankruptcies
  • Criminal / police / Court record
  • Company Registration detail
  • Affiliation checking
  • Partner and associate detail
  • Directorships and share involvements
  • Full trading analysis
  • Business records and trading relationships
  • Asset searching and undisclosed interests
  • Covert visits and unannounced audits
  • Inappropriate confluence of corporate and manager interests, including potential self-dealing, nepotism and related party transactions.
  • Misrepresentations in CVS or other descriptions of professional experience.
  • Personal or business relationships with undesirable individuals, businesses or governments; e.g. financing from criminal sources.
  • Undisclosed criminal or civil litigation or adverse regulatory actions
  • Residential property detail with ownership status
  • Commercial property detail with ownership status
  • Inheritance property
  • Land ownership detail
  • Vehicle ownership detail
  • Present employment status
  • Current financial status
  • Business & share involvements
  • Legal hairs
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